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Joint pain relief is possible.

Meet Dr. Ksar, our board-certified, fellowship trained musculoskeletal radiologist. He completed is advanced training in the field of musculoskeletal ultrasound at Henry Ford Hospital. Musculoskeletal ultrasound is a dynamic, non-invasive exam that allows high resolution, real-time evaluation of the joint. A common cause of a painful joint is synovitis (inflammation of the lining of the joint). It can be useful to inject a corticosteroid directly into the joint or the soft tissue next to a joint (this is often called a bursa) to reduce the inflammation and provide pain relief. Reduction in pain may make physical therapy more effective. This procedure is most often used in the shoulder, knee, or hip, but may also be helpful in other joints. To ensure the injection goes into the joint itself where it has a better chance of working, the needle for the injection is guided by ultrasound imaging. Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce the images that will be obtained during your scan. The sound waves are produced and received by a small instrument called a transducer. Returning sound waves called "echoes" are sent back to the same transducer and the attached equipment electronically changes the echoes into a picture (image) of the area being scanned. Dr. Ksar has successfully completed hundreds of injection procedures since joining our group in 2010. Consult with your physician regarding a referral for evaluation. For further information, contact our Scheduling department at 239.938.3535.